Setting the right expectations is the first step in successfully photographing your home...



Setting the right expectations is the first step in successfully photographing your home...

Whenever the subject of "expectations" comes up, I like to use open houses and/or caravans as a good example.  Let's say you and your agent have decided to hold an open house at your home on a Tuesday at 10am.  Would you:

  1. Wait until 9:45am to begin getting ready for the open house?
  2. As people arrive, ask them to wait so that you can clean, move things or de-clutter before they can see each room?
  3. Ask them to come back and view rooms/areas after you realized something was out of place or not put away?

Of course not!  My guess is that you would have worked for a few days or even weeks to get your home in mint condition...well in advance of 10am on Tuesday.  Common sense, right?!

Your approach to having your home photographed should be no different.

So in terms of expectations, it's simple: 

Your home should be "photo-ready" when I arrive at the scheduled time.

As a professional photographer, hired to take photographs of your home or property, my goal is to capture images that make your home extremely marketable and increase buyer interest.  I want the images to be the best they can be, but it's a team effort and one that should result in an amazing online presence once your home goes live on the market.

Ultimately, I have no control over what I encounter once I arrive to take the photographs.  As much as I would love to help you style, stage or design your home, that's not my area of expertise.  Therefore, when I arrive to take photos of your home, I require all cleaning, de-cluttering, staging, etc. to be done in advance.  To efficiently and effectively maintain a demanding schedule and deliver a superior level of service to my clients, I simply cannot spend unnecessary time waiting for a home or property to be cleaned, prepped, etc. 

Please review the previous sections for tips and advice on preparing your home for real estate photographs, and more importantly, note that it's not my responsibility to partake in any of the following tasks as they relate to photographing your home:

  • Moving or rearranging furniture*
  • Making beds, cleaning, dusting or de-cluttering
  • Picking up toys or items/objects in the yard
  • "Photoshopping" vehicles, damaged walls, wires/cords, power lines, etc.**
  • Touching personal hygiene products in bathrooms (shampoo, toothbrushes, towels, toilet brushes, etc.)

* If I need to move or shift a piece of furniture over in order to get a better angle or view of a room, then I will certainly do so...with your permission, of course.

** Retouching images is something that I do quite frequently, but it can be extremely time-consuming depending on the nature of the problem area or request.  Therefore it is considered an add-on service and is not included in standard packages.